Intersted in Engaging an Innovation Consulting Firm?

We've given you an idea of CBD Management's capabilities and you may have found the exact consulting service you need. Or, you may have unique business requirements. Either way, we're happy to have an initial, no obligation discussion with you. We can tell you in one conversation whether or not we feel we can add value.

Engaging with CBD Management

We work with clients in both short-term and long-term partnerships:

Hourly: If you have a small, well-defined project, the best avenue is simply to engage with us on an hourly rate. We will deploy the right resource(s), depending on your needs.

Project: For complex scopes of work that require greater team interaction and varied deliverables, or if you prefer to work within a fixed budget, you may engage with us on a project basis. We will deploy the right resource(s) depending on your needs and work for one set fee, over a contained timeframe with a defined project scope.

Retainer: If you require more strategic, ongoing advice and support with a less well-defined project scope, you may retain the consulting services of CBD Management for an agreed upon retainer for a suggested timeframe of 3 to 12 months.

All you have to do is take the first step — all inquiries are held in the strictest confidence:

Contact David Chao at 303.488.9170 or for a discussion about working with CBD Management under terms that best meet your project and budgetary requirements..