Who is CBD Management?

CBD is an acronym for Chaos By Design — CBD Management is an innovation consulting firm for start-ups and mid-size companies. While we offer a wide range of business strategy, marketing and product management services, we focus on new technologies in the Cloud Computing and Mobility sectors.

Where is CBD located and where does it do business?

CBD is a virtual company with most of the team residing in the state of Colorado. We have a small office space in suburban Denver. We use the technologies we own as business consultants in Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (Saas) and Mobility. With mobile smart phones and PDAs, email, web conferencing, hosted software applications, online collaboration and other new technologies we work cohesively and effectively. Yet we also get together in the same room on a regular basis for that irreplacable face time!

While we have offices and team members located in Colorado, we do and have done business anywhere!

What are CBD Management's areas of expertise?

We apply creative problem solving and innovative thinking to Business Strategy, Marketing and Branding, Business Development, Product and Technology Management and SOS Work. Our technology experience is focused on the emerging technologies of Cloud Computing (Software as a Service or SaaS, on-demand computing, Web 2.0, etc.) and Mobility. In addition we are experienced in enterprise applications from Microsoft, IBM, Sun, EMC and Oracle. While we have worked with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries, our niche is start-up ventures and small-medium business.

How do you price your consulting services?

In order to best meet your project and budget requirements, you may engage with CBD on an hourly, project or retainer basis.

What is Innovation Consulting?

We believe it means working with companies who want and need change, whether it involves people, culture, marketing and how they get to the market, products, business strategy and more. It's about bringing the kind of insights that can often only be found looking from the outside in by consultants who themselves are committed to, and experienced with, change and innovation.

Isn't chaos a bad thing, especially business chaos?

For most companies and people, chaos is a bad thing — and that is the inherent problem and the primary reason that CBD came to be. It's dangerous to view chaos solely as something negative when chaos is a fact of business life! For us, chaos presents opportunity, whether you're on the offense or defense. Offensively, you can generate a little chaos by disrutping markets with innovative products or improved channels therefore creating competetive advantage. Defensively, you can react to chaos in your business situation by finding the opportunities to improve and respond with better options. In short, chaos is a given, and chaos can be a good thing!

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the trend of software applications and services to reside on remote severs 'in the cloud' with the ability to access from any computer client with internet access. It encompasses everything from applications and services that were developed solely for the internet using internet technologies to hosting of software applications that once had to be installed and managed on local, distributed PCs. Another term that is used for hosted applications is SaaS, or Software as a Service.

Why CBD Management is the right business consulting firm for start-up and mid-size companies:

We don't have:

  • Impressive offices and flocks of support staff
  • A bench of consultants who must serve our needs first
  • An attitude of superiority

We DO have:

  • Experienced people who bring years of know-how
  • New people who bring fresh ideas and abilities
  • A virtual culture that is practical, flexible and fosters original thinking