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Innovation in Product Development and Technology Management: Leadership in Mobility

Motorola, Global xProducts, Motorola Mobile Devices

Global xProducts is a group of internal innovators within Motorola’s Mobile Device business unit that is charged with creating the next blockbuster cell phone. They engaged CBD Management to analyze and recommend new technologies to drastically improve the web experience of their mobile phone users. CBD met with over fourteen technology providers to analyze possible solutions and recommended an approach to deliver the information their customers want on the web, with an architecture for Motorola to dramatically increase the speed of the interaction.

Mobilesynch Corporation, provider of suite of services for management and support of mobile workforce

Moibilsynch is a Denver area company established with the help of CBD principal David Chao, in response to problems encountered when trying to set-up mobile devices with email. Today, Mobilesynch has advanced far beyond the device management arena with a suite of services featuring Mobile SDM, a subscription-based device management and data synchronization service, and Mobile ADE, an interface tool that enables organizations to extend content to wireless devices. Mobilesynch simplifies the management and support of the mobile workforce, giving them the ability to connect to enterprise applications and other forms of content from practically any Smartphone, PDA and other mobile, wireless devices.

Innovation in Business Strategy: Leadership in Cloud Computing / SaaS (Software as a Service)

CPDI, provider of voice and data billing software for on demand services

CPDI engaged us to find strategic alternatives to increasing their enterprise value by exploring ways to leverage their legacy telco billing experience in the SaaS (Software as a Service) space. Working with their existing product set , we helped them update and modernize their UI. While protecting strong relationships and high levels of customer satisfaction we updated their brand and value proposition with improved marketing messages. In addition, CBD started a new division for CPDI called Workplace2go, a web-based collection of software applications for small companies available as a subscription service, on demand. The go-to-market strategy for Workplace2go encompasses both direct and indirect channels.

Microsoft, Hosted Exchange Email

CBD Management principals have been involved in projects for Microsoft Hosted Exchange both nationally and internationally, since the inception of offering this robust, enterprise email to small businesses as a subscription service via the internet. Experience includes helping to launch ASP-One, one of the first Hosted Exchange providers that is now part of Apptix, and providing training and best practices to major telco’s, system integrators and other Microsoft Solution Providers throughout Europe and the United States.

Innovation in Business Development: Leadership in Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Miller Heiman, the Sales Performance Company

Miller Heiman is a leader in processes and tools, including their core programs Strategic Selling® and Conceptual Selling®, that help drive performance in complex selling cycles. They turned to CBD Management for a different kind of business development challenge involving their partner alliances, to craft a strategy for all future partnerships. In addition, we recommended changes to their current partnership structure and helped them renegotiate an existing partner agreement that increased their gross margins.

Arsenal Digital Solutions, developer of data protection software (now part of IBM)

CBD Management developed a channel program to recruit regional system integrators and strategic national alliances for Arsenal’s on demand data protection software and services. We facilitated an agreement with SaaS (Software as a Service) industry leader Jamcracker, developed a tiered partner program based on competencies and sales targets and created channel marketing and compensation programs.

Innovation in Marketing: Leadership in Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Social Networking

Promise Keepers, an international Christian organization for men

Promise Keepers has retained CBD Management as their outsourced marketing organization. In that role, CBD has provided a new strategy to monetize PK content gathered over fifteen years of events, speaking, publishing and other forms and venues that have directly reached over five million men. We built a subscription-based service to allow PK members to access resources never before available, as well as online communities, forums, blogs and podcasts to harness the energy of the Promise Keepers community.

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