Innovative Ideas to Develop New Channels and Routes to Market

If you need to enhance distribution, broaden product offerings and enter new markets while lowering or maintaining operating costs, consider partnering with CBD Management. We take partnership seriously, both with our clients and on behalf of our clients. Whether it is finding and training the right resellers or negotiating with a managed service provider to private label a service offering, our team is uniquely equipped to drive and consummate these transactions.

Business Development & Reseller Consulting Services:

  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Indirect sales training and best practices
  • Development of distribution channels
  • Evaluation of current partners and commission plans
  • Identification of, and introduction to, new partners
  • Negotiation of strategic partner agreements
  • Evaluation of product and service offerings
  • Go-to-market strategies and plans
  • OEM/Reseller/Outsourcing agreements

Most companies enter into partnerships with high hopes for significant revenue and are disappointed when that doesn't happen. Successful partnerships involve significant planning, executive sponsorship and strong tactical actions. We excel at improving languishing partnerships to create the success that was originally anticipated with extensive experience in establishing, negotiating and managing significant strategic transactions.

You may contact us at 303.488.9170 or to inquire about your business development challenges and requirements.

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