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We strive to bring creative problem solving to your sales, marketing, business development and techology challenges, to help you:

  • Create more effective routes to market, whether direct or indirect channels
  • Develop new products, new markets, new brand strategies
  • Solve pressing operational problems (what we call SOS work!)
  • Increase your online visibility through social media, SEO and other tactics

CBD Management brings intellectual curiosity and innovative thinking to every project and delivers actionable ideas for your competitive advantage.

Chaos Theory and Innovation

koch curve

We are inspired by the principles of chaos theory, one aspect of which is self-similarity, as illustrated in the Koch Curve. When viewed closely, you see that the 'curves' in the bottom image are actually triangles, continuously added to the sides of existing ones. It shows what's happening in fractals (like the one shown on the right), which are geometric objects broken up in a radical way.

We share this to demonstrate the value in looking beyond the obvious for new business insights and opportunities!

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